Friday, September 25, 2009


No one escapes criticism entirely.Often our careers,our emotional stability,our happiness depend on how we react to it. Criticism is a direct attack on your self-esteem.Soit is easy to react with anger.But this just makes you more vulnerable.If all you do is resent your critic,you are only poisoning yourself.
Gossip is nothing but criticism motivatedby jealousy.
The first step then is to force yourself to be dispassionate.
This is never easy .can it be done?
You may be thinking these are not practical.
No friend,it can be done.

One method to control your emotion under attack is to reflect that strong person have always been criticized.When criticism finally reaches your ears,it may well have become exaggerated.
if you blaze new paths, you are determined to get things done,you are going to encounter opposition.

2nd step is to be rational.
Takeup the criticism and examine it objectively. we learn much from the disagreeable things whereas the good things only make us glad. Ask yourself honestly if there is any truth in the criticism.if you are forced to the conclusion that whatever your critic saying is the truth, the best thing to do is admit it. After all if you agree with him,what more can he say? besides,see,people will come close to some one who can admit that he has been wrong.

Another rational approach is to examine the qualification of your critic. Is he sincere? if so, you had better not dismiss his words.Has he reason to be jealous? then perhaps you can avoid him.Keep in mind,Dignified silence is often the best reply to the slander.However if the criticism is false and damaging, you must reply to him ,simply state the facts,not try to retaliate.

As on the practical level to reduce your stress , you can do one thing;
visualize your critics as funny characters in a drama, and try to find some sort of comedy in it. Really,It is very practical and proven method.
Another practical method which I found very effective to cope with criticism is ,
say regularly to our mind,

1. Small people often find it earlier to tear someone down to build themselves up.
2. Kindness is stronger than malice.
3. It is much easier to be critical than correct.
4. Criticism is a two edged sword,and often it is the poisoned edge that cuts.
Try to see the other edge.
All the best.


sudheer said...

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Kiran / കിരണ്‍ said...

Loved this :)

ajaypisharody said...

Good Write up
"However if the criticism is false and damaging, you must reply to him ,simply state the facts,not try to retaliate."
I agree with you but there you finf a lot of anonymous aggressive masks who always try to hit hard on others and walk free as they think they got this privilege of power and might. Dignified replies will not have any effects on them and at times we need to retaliate hard in their own style. And People often advice others - be wise, be commpassionate, be kind after attacking their fellow human beings in the most heinous way.
Thanx for reading my blog